Like conveyancers, but quick

We represent the buyer and seller, giving all parties control over when they complete.


You've worked hard to get a property under offer, but now the conveyancers are slowing things down. You're incurring costs for as long as this goes on, but what's the hold-up? You can't get a straight answer, and both conveyancers blame each other.

Selling a property should be a no-brainer.
Instead, conveyancers do things their way because that’s how it’s always been done. It’s why it takes 290 days on average to sell a home.

We Can Represent The Buyer & The Seller

Sail Legal have a unique approach; we can represent the buyer and seller in the transaction, giving them complete transparency on where things are at and letting them choose the pace.

1. Prep THE Sale

We'll get started as soon as you go to market. We'll order searches upfront, review the land registry docs & pre-empt what the buyer may need.


You'll offer the service to the buyer. They'll get a dedicated conveyancer who acts for them only. Picking Sail will let them have control over when they can complete it.

3. clarity on progress

Once both cases have started, clients can be onboarded within hours. We'll already have the searches back & the title reviewed, so we'll only have enquiries and the mortgage offer to deal with. Both parties can pick a moving date that we'll work towards.

Let's work together to complete your client's transactions in weeks.

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